Welcome to the New Caliphs.

This is a high-fantasy game occurring in the Mediterranean region of the world during the late 1560s – early 1570s, specifically beginning in the city of Marrakech, Morocco.

While the game will be mostly realistic, including somewhat chronologically accurate tie-ins to major people and events of the area during that period of history, it will also incorporate magic (which, depending on your view of the validity of claims of witches and magic practitioners by various Inquisitions, etc., from the period may make it more or less realistic).

Player characters should be modeled after any of the major religious and/or ethnic groups in the area including Berbers, Jews, Africans, Animists, Catholics, Protestants, Europeans, Ottomans, Arabs, or nearly any other group that existed during that time period. Indeed, the region was as vast a melting pot as was known in the world at that time. Keep in mind, however, that the group should be cooperative, so some combinations of religions and/or ethnicity might not work. A little friction between PCs is ok, but outright betrayal isn’t what this campaign is working towards.

Players will be able to find any sort of equipment that existed in the area at that time, including alchemical items (and workshops) and primitive firearms like the arquebus. However, true to the period, most combat will be some sort of hand-to-hand affair as reloading takes a long time on a one-shot gun like that, and most firearms were only effective in combat as a one-shot kill or used in volleys involving coordinated waves of participants.

As mentioned, magic will exist, but true to the period, most of the public at large will view magic users as heretics in league with the Devil or dark spirits, so conspicuous use of magic is not advisable.

It will utilize GURPS, specifically the Dungeon Fantasy Modules (1-3 mainly) which contain very helpful templates useful for picking appropriate skills and somewhat focusing the GURPS lens. No prior experience with GURPS is necessary, as rules will be taught, and copies of the rules and any supplements utilized will be available.

Character creation will be done cooperatively in order to see that everyone has a playable, enjoyable character that occupies a niche in the group. Also, character creation can be a little complicated in GURPS, so this will be a good introduction for those of you that are unfamiliar with the system.

Further information on the campaign is provided in several places:

The Wiki will list much of the historical information relevant to the area and setting. Most of this information is known by people with average intelligence and any interest in politics or world events. It is assumed that news like this travels through word of mouth, and normal people like to talk about current events and get news of other lands from strangers/visitors. In the beginning of your journey, Marrakech is a well-connected city and one of the wealthiest and most cosmopolitan places in the world, and so you have benefited from the city’s hub status.

The Adventure Log will chronicle the party’s travels and interactions with NPCs. It will do this through recaps from previous sessions as well as framing for new/upcoming sessions when necessary.

The Characters tab will list NPCs and PCs. Feel free to post your own PCs to this tab as well, including your backstory for how you came to be a slave in Marrakech if you so desire.

The Items tab will list important party items. Character items will be tracked individually on character sheets.

The Maps tab contains a historical map of the Mediterranean region, and it will be updated as the campaign progresses to show where the group has traveled and major events that have taken place, both with and without the party’s intervention.

New Caliphs

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