Mohammad Hassan

Hoarder, crafter and all around weirdo


Mohammad was born in Kabul to the son of a poor cobbler. From an early age, he would tinker with his fathers tools, occasionally taking apart his neighbors wagons (much to their dismay) to build silly little toys for his sister and himself. When he was 4, his mother died during childbirth. Distraught, his father slowly sank into madness over the next 10 years, forcing Mohammad to fend for his own life.
His fathers madness eventually sent his family into utter poverty and seeing his end nearing, Mohammad began wandering the markets of Kabul, pick pocketing the rich and the unsuspecting. Though Mohammad was never good at snatching the items off his victims, lightly brushing their arms or accidently poking them with the small knife he used to cut purse cords, he was a master at concealing the objects in one of his many false pockets in his clothing so that when the guards searched him, they never found the stolen item.

When Mohammad Hassan was 16, he was caught in bed with the daughter of a rich merchant named Aalem Basil. In his fury, the rich merchant castrated Mohammad and killed his daughter in front of Mohammad for spoiling her purity and dishonoring her family. After recovering, Mohammad took his revenge upon Aalem by burning down his shop. He fled the town and wandered through the desert for 10 days without food or water before being found, half mad and on the wayside of the road, by a traveling Imam named Saafir Ismail.
Saafir brought the poor boy to his home in a small village outside of Kirkuk, where he taught Mohammad how to read the Koran and speak the languages of trade.

Five years past and Mohammad finally decided to tell Saafir about his troubled past. While initially disturbed, Saafir forgave him in Allah’s name and urged him to use his skills as a tinkerer to help his fellow townsfolk.
Being the Imam in a small village, Saafir made little money and could barely support his family let alone Mohammad. When to collection plate went dry one arid summer, unbenounced to Saafir, Mohammad sold himself into indentured servitude to a traveling merchant sending all the proceeds to Saafir.
After a long voyage across the northern part of Africa, Mohammad found himself in Marrakech where his contract was sold to Faisal ibn Ayyud al Qurtuba.

Mohammad Hassan

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