Abba Eban

Impulsive handsome charlatan of lore and silver tongued devil


Eban was born the third son of Saul ben Amram ha-Levi a short and ugly stage props man for the theater. He took to theater as one born to it. Learning how to talk, act, make flash powder, flourish a sword, bandage a scrape, and roll with a fall.

As he grew, he lengthened, and his bright cheery smile won him many admirers. Not only did his acting improve but his stage props. After his thirteenth birthday his smoke bombs seemed to almost take a life of there own as they floated across the stage. Or a breast plate fashioned from hammered tin gleamed like the caliphs own guards plate.

After one particular performance, an old haggard man stayed behind. The man who was twisted with age and walked with a stoop waited to talk with Abba. The old man cautioned Abba to be careful and summoned a ball of flashing green light in his hand. He impressed Abba, magic was the true reason behind his miraculous stage tricks and he must be careful unless he wishes to burned as a witch. Abba took his warning to light and learned to control his magic while always providing a convenient reason for the miracle.

It looked like Abba was destined to a life of stage until his mother in spite revealed to his father a traveling actor was his true father. Enraged, Saul sold Abba into slavery to cover his shame.

Abba has spent the last two years maning a stall in a trade center for his master where Abba picked up the tongues of merchants and buyers alike. He was recently given as payment of debts to his new master.

Abba Eban

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