New Caliphs

New Caliphs Pre-Campaign Setting Information

Why/How a Group Like Yours Came to Be... And Where You're Going

Morocco. Marrakech, specifically. The group are all slaves owned by Faisal ibn Ayyud al Qurtuba, a wealthy merchant whose family were displaced from Cordoba during the Reconquista.

As our story begins, the group are assisting Faisal’s son, Mutahhir, in the transportation of a shipment of slaves from the markets of Marrakech to Timbuktu, where they can acquire valuable Saharan salt and rare items from the near East. In addition to Mutahhir, there are a handful of other house slaves and pack animals to do a large part of the carrying; the group is to provide the muscle for this operation as they have all proven themselves useful in that capacity in the past.



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