New Caliphs

Session 1 Recap

Travel to Timbuktu

Mohammad – Dan
Avraham – Jon
Amelia – Jacq
Ping – Uriah
Prag – Eric

The party (all currently slaves/indentured servants) prep for travel from Marrakech to Timbuktu with Faisal, the son of their owner Mutahhir. Ping and Amelia are able to successfully secure some decent prices. Mohammad works a side deal for some extra coin (102 coins) unbeknownst to the rest of the group.

They leave town and start the journey to Timbuktu. A few days in, Prag notices unusual, suspicious tracks in the sand. A few days after that, the group either are restless in sleep or experience a vivid dream about a strange, vaguely utopian city filled with luminaries from the entire world over. At the close of the experience, all hear a book shutting loudly.

Shortly after that, Avraham and Ping confront Faisal about the strange item that Avraham saw being loaded into Faisal’s lockbox before they left for Timbuktu. He reluctantly shows them the item, a wood-planked tome on magic called the Aldaraia sive Soyga vocor. It includes a nameplate inside the front cover containing a name in English. Amelia believes it says that the book belongs to a man named John Dee, but she cannot read English well. Avraham comes to believe that the book is trying to encourage the group to do its bidding and that the book is cursed. Faisal tells them that the book is important business to his family and that it is certainly safe and not cursed.

They continue on their way, eventually running into a pair of dehydrated Spaniards who have collapsed in the desert, and they enslave the pair as well and eat their dead horses. They have markings on their clothes and arms/armor that indicate that they are members of the Order of Calatrava. They later reveal that they are tracking Avraham to bring him to justice for past sins.

Just out of the desert after 9 days and about a single day’s ride from Timbuktu, the group are attacked by a group of Berbers. All of the group survive and contribute to the slaughter of the 8 bandits, and the one surviving raider is also enslaved, and their 8 camels are added to the growing haul.

The group finally ride into town, and they must wait outside while Ahmad Baba and his mentor Mohammed Bagayogo meet with Faisal, who is accompanied by a few other slaves, namely Ahmed, a fellow slave belonging to Faisal that Avraham believes will die as foretold in a reading of the stars.

We will resume play in two Fridays, May 25. All players receive 3xp to be spent or saved as desired. If purchasing advantages, please choose realistic powers, IE no flying or other extraordinary powers other than magic.

Also, if you would like to do a drastic rework of your character, now will be the last time to do so. At no penalty, you may rewrite your character as you see fit if some component didn’t play out as you had hoped. Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.



Nice start!!!

Session 1 Recap

Looking forward to see how this develops.

Session 1 Recap

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