New Caliphs


Muskets and Moriscos

Avraham – Jon
Prag – Eric
Mohammad Atta – Dan

Mutahhir was pleased with the proceeds from selling the initial slaves as well as the new slaves and camels that were acquired during the initial trip to Timbuktu, and so when Avraham and Prag return said profits to Marrakech, they are feted and generally living the good life, especially relative to how the other slaves are living. They let time pass relatively idly as they do some mundane tasks around the master’s home and prepare for their companions and Faisal to return.

Faisal and the rest of the group return to Marrakech from Casablanca. The trip is uneventful thanks to Faisal’s extensive travels through the region. Faisal and Mutahhir immediately engage in conversation while the rest of the travelers settle into their rooms, converse with one another, and eat after a long journey. After a short time, Avraham, Prag, and Mohammad are summoned into the side room to speak with Faisal and Mutahhir. The owner and son decide that the three slaves will accompany Faisal to Cordoba and attempt to gather more information about the Aldaraia sive Soyga vocor. Faisal believes that he will be able to draw on some of his family’s influence as former nobles of the region and communicate with Morisco nobility that still inhabit the region. The group try to travel without Faisal, but master and son are insistent that his place is in the thick of things and remind them who is master and who is slave, and so they relent and begin preparations to leave in three days.

As soon as the time has passed, the four travel to Casablanca and again employ the sailors that sold Faisal their ketch to sail them to Gibraltar by way of Tangier. They take on some cargo to help offset the cost of the voyage, and then they set sail up the coast of North Africa. They make their way through a storm without too much trouble thanks to Prag’s meteorological talents and the skill of the sailors, and the group opts to skip another visit to Tangier to acquire more cargo in favor of heading directly to Gibraltar.

After making landfall, they are greeted by Ferag ben Ferag and his attendant, Diego Lopez ben Abu, the both of whom are family friends of Faisal’s from the days past when they lived on the peninsula, before the Reconquista by Spain. Ferag invites them over for a meal, and he reveals that he can put the group into contact with Aben Humaya, the leader of a revolution by the oppressed Moriscos of Spain.

After dinner, they leave to find lodgings for the night and are ambushed by Spanish forces. They manage to repel the attack, killing six attackers, but Faisal is shot during the skirmish. The group choose to go on to Cordoba to try to make contact with Aben Humaya without Faisal, and Ferag Ben Ferag arranges for his attendant and some of Faisal’s men (including Ahmed – who still hasn’t died)to make for Tangier once Faisal has stabilized.

On the road to Cordoba, the group have another shared dream. This time, they see a strange creature, one that Avraham recognizes from his Kabbalistic readings to be Baphomet. It is a strange and nonsensical dream, but it warns of the strange power of the leader of the Spanish forces.

Finally, as the group reach the outskirts of Cordoba, they are approached by a group of men. These happen to be scouts for Aben Humaya and his revolutionaries, and they arrange a meeting with the rebel leader. Thanks to Faisal’s seal, they are able to prove their legitimacy as supporters to Humaya, and he recognizes that the groups can help each other. He needs more men to mount a sizeable attack on the Spanish that hold the city currently, and they will need more men to storm the Tower of Calahorra, a local landmark where the Spanish leader Pedro Menendez de Aviles has made his center of operations and consolidated texts that proved too valuable to burn as a part of the eradication of all parts of Morisco culture in southern Spain. They also tell rumors of strange magics practiced by the Spanish and feel a general unease.

We will return to play Friday, June 22nd, and all characters earned an additional 2 CP for last session’s events.



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